Ode to Joy, Oil on Panel, 5" x 7,"  private collection

Ode to Joy, Oil on Panel, 5" x 7," private collection



McGuffin uses oil paint and techniques handed down by the Masters of the classical realism tradition to tell visual parables. McGuffin’s sensitive approach to realism focuses on the expressive use of form and light to communicate the subject’s personality and ineffable qualities. To that end, the (mostly) self taught artist prefers to work from life in natural lighting. Though contemporary in subject matter and composition, McGuffin’s paintings share a goal beyond that of technique with Renaissance artists – that of drawing viewers into contemplation of the Divine.






Awarded 'Best in Show,' Nourishment Juried Exhibition, T.W. Wood Gallery, Montpelier, VT, February 27–April 27, 2018



2017 Annual Regional Juried Exhibition, The Guild of Boston Artist, Boston, MA, September 9–30, 2017

Laumeister Fine Art Competition, Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington, VT, July 29–October 8, 2017